Health & Social Care Support

Health & Social Care:

SDS provides high quality service focussing on individual wellbeing, as well as physical and mental health. Rooted firmly in the local community, we work in partnership with other health and social care organisations to provide service that’s truly reflecting to the needs of the people we support from awareness raising seminars, and workshops to individually support mechanism with their individual health or social care needs. SDS is even now planning to provide more integrated and bespoke service in this area. Watch closely to the future news in this page.

Police Partnership in Safety & Crime:

Security is an important aspect of our communities.  SDS works closely with Leicestershire Police to provide a wide range of activities aimed at improving relationship between the Somali community and the police, increasing confidence and trust of Somali community in policing as well as increasing reporting of hate crime and other criminal activities and maintaining a safe and secure environment for the community. Keep it on eye the upcoming activities in this area or simply contact our office.

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