The Adult Learning Service is an innovative programme that has been designed to respond to the specific learning needs of the Somali community and other disadvantaged local people. This is achieved by providing ESOL and ICT courses to enable them to achieve English language skills, which can contribute to progression in further learning and employment opportunities. The service has been running since November 2005 and offers a provision based within the local community that is sensitive to the cultural and learning needs of the target group and achieving accredited ESOL qualifications. Learners come from a variety of backgrounds but most are Somali or Arabic Women. The centre also provides free childcare for those in need. The syllabus aims to supply English skills, as well as CV writing, interview skills and generally increasing confidence to the students. The service provides the learners with an opportunity to develop, and enable them to discover for themselves what they are able to achieve, which improves their motivation, self-esteem and confidence. This will help the students to continue further learning to improve their language and employable skills in the long term.

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