Career Advice

As the Talent Match project finished in December 2015 due to lack of funding, the Somali Development Services’ management committee has kindly consented to help deliver the National Careers Service at their premises. The clients who have not accessed this service get this opportunity through the National Career Service (NCS) and those who have already accessed are further supported through the Somali Development Services. This service is being delivered without any support funding and is at the expense of the Somali Development Services to support and enable the local community to get into jobs and learning to become economically independent and active citizens.

The slots offered for appointment are on Tuesdays and Thursdays and all the slots are normally full. About six to seven unemployed clients are supported and engaged with the Career Advisor to get help in building their CVs, discuss interview techniques or just seek information on courses or learning. Every week about four to five of drop-in clients are also offered this help.